Wednesday, March 30, 2005

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Pledge prank leads to charges

Fake frat kidnapping results in charges. Duct taped pledges were put in the back of a U-Haul. Charges range from disorderly conduct to giving minors booze. Authorities see it as a hazing incident.


Syracuse football player charged with assault

Eugene Brown was a real jerk to the cops and has been charged with "felony assault, resisting arrest, harassment and disorderly conduct" according to the story "Students, police offer varying views of arrest" (subscription needed). The guy involved in the initial dispute says, "If he hadn't been so much of a butthole to the cops, I don't think it would have happened."

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Tuesday, March 29, 2005


Knowledge Network

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Honorable Mentions

Glendale College Student Faces Terrorism Charges
Study Confirms College Profs Are Left-Wing


A dogged way to fix fowl issue

Border collie keeps keeps birds aloft at>Columbia College.


Harvard students want their snap, crackle, pop back

This is enough to make me cry in my milk. Harvard's food service has replaced brand name cereals with generic brands. Harvard student Allison Kessler is quoted as saying, "I used to eat Lucky Charms for lunch and dinner. The fake stuff gets real soggy, and I've just stopped eating cereal. This is not fair." Hopefully the horrible and unfair impact of this cost-cutting effort will be remembered when these students become CEOs, CFOs, and presidents. In the meantime...po'babies.


Fraternity suspended for porn film shoot

California State University - Chico Phi Kappa Tau fraternity suspended for letting Shane's World porno team film and f**k with students. The screwy arrangment is commonly requested by college students according to a Shane's World spokeswomen.

Sunday, March 27, 2005


Campus Cops Suck

Campus cops have a history of bungling high profile cases like murders. Kentucky has had enough. The state wants to hand major cases over to more experienced departments. Hmmmm. Can't say I'd want my college campus to be experienced in murder investigations.

Saturday, March 26, 2005


Grand Valley State GOP bake sale sold goods cheaper to minorities

"At the College Republicans' affirmative action bake sale this week at Grand Valley State University, the same cupcake that a white male could buy for $2 was available for 75 cents to a white female or a black person, 50 cents to an Asian or a Hispanic, and only a nickel to an American Indian."


UNH examines discrimination at feminist poetry slam

Forget the possible discrimination complaint...What was this guy doing in a crowd of women wearing "scissors on their necks" and talking about "castrating rapists"! FAL member and UNH senior Nicole Hentz tries to reassure men by stating, "We made it very clear we didn't want to castrate all men. The penis is the symbol of power and is the weapon used to rape women and its [sic] sort of the symbolic way of saying we were going to take away that power men have over us."


Salisbury Police Officer Faces Theft Charges

Twenty year veteran of Salisbury U PD busted for filching credit cards on campus.


Women Now Majority of Undergrads

Women are now 56% of undergraduate students and projections suggest this will increase. This demographic shift has been going on for some time.


Student defecates in RA's dorm room

Washington University Police Chief Don Strom syas, "We're going through some physical evidence. We'll process it as we see fit." A $500 reward has been offerred for information.

Friday, March 25, 2005


PSU players accused of firing arrows through wall

Partying footplayers player play with bow and arrows in dorm.


Ex-Lynn University student charged in thefts at college

No doubt the thefts were to support the habit uncovered when cops raided dudes pad. The stony's mature motto is quoted as being, "If the door's unlocked and the place is unattended, it's their fault."


Students With Fake Guns Cause Scare On State Street

Disorderly conduct citations issued for students filming for a class.


the green rabbit - spreading disinformation since '04

Cute reading.

Thursday, March 24, 2005


Starbucks Gossip

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Tuesday, March 22, 2005


Quebec students take protest to Montreal port

This would get you on a no-fly list in the USA. Students in Quebec riot because free money for school is being turned into loans.


Harvard says race, gender did not play role in job decisions

A Harvard library assistant has filed a discrimination claim based on race and gender. The basic complaint is that she dresses inappropriately. If one wants to work in low tops, tight bottoms, and sexy outfits, go get a job with a brass pole. Follow-up: Harvard's lawyer crosses up `sexy' librarian on stand.


University student found in trash bin

Unconscious dumpster-diving student identified with help of class ring.


Students Charged with Sign Thefts

The moral to this story is, Don't drive your car around to steal street signs. Come on guys! The theft themes "NCAA basketball tournament" is great, but in your own car? Please, please stay in college or you'll wind up listed in Bob Reno's Dumbass Daily!


Stupid Naked People

With sections like "News on the Nude" and "Funny Pictures" this page is worth regularly visiting.

Monday, March 21, 2005


'Girls just as bad as boys'

Sex on campus! This article discusses the changing attitudes of women on campus toward sex. The quotes from gals and wannabe players are sweet.


Living vicariously through 'University' proves to be fun -

Why actually go to college when you can play "The Sims 2: University" instead?


Academic Victory in Tennessee

Classroom academic freedom legislation sought to prevent instructors from grading in biased manner. Crybaby Conservatives suggests many are arguing that quotas and affirmative action should apply to faculty voting behaviors and political party affiliation!


College Free Stuff

College Free Stuff

Sunday, March 20, 2005


Man stabbed during fight outside Daytona spring break spot

Fight leads to stabbing. Breakers being more careful.

Saturday, March 19, 2005


Dying for a drink

A few stories about binge drinkers.


Student editors accuse college police of concealing reports in crime log

Fifty-seven incidents including an OD, thefts, assaults, and harressment, suppressed by college cops.


30% - 50% of Ole Miss class turns in plagiarized papers

A related story states, "Interim Associate Provost Tim Hall said the numbers do not necessarily signify an increase in plagiarism at the school." Wow, I'm impressed!


Dormitory incursions shake confidence of some A&M students

Panty raids, gunmen requesting sex, and drunks find their way into women’s dorms at Texas A&M.


Incense sets Rust dormitory on fire

Fire alarms fail in dorm as neglected incense burns building.


Boston Politicians attack students

The struggle for Boston University students to vote is heating up. BU students are being accused of "fraudulent voter registrations," "illegitimate voting," "throwing rocks at cops," and "tipping over cars and then torching them in Kenmore Square to 'celebrate' the Red Sox."


CU enacts rules delaying fraternity rush for first-year students

In an effort to curtail underage drinking, the University of Colorado at Boulder is pressuring Greeks to not recruit freshman until spring. Vice Chancellor Ron Stump suggests that, "that first-year students were being exposed to dangerous situations due to their membership in Greek organizations."


Half a Million More College Students Drove Under the Influence in 2001

Drunk driving among college students was up in 2001. Drunks hurting themselves and others was about the same.

Friday, March 18, 2005


Going to the Bathroom

"I have always thought of the bathroom as marking the moment of discipline in the college classroom... It seems to me that on the college level we are all expected to be intellects. Hence, the discipline we exercise over our desires is ultimately no different than that we exercise over our bodily functions." The comments that follow are even better!

Thursday, March 17, 2005


More Colleges Making Health Insurance Mandatory Among Its Students

Universities across the country are mandating health insurance for students. Other universities are considering it.


Drunk Driving Exhibit at SUNYIT leaves impression

SUNYIT exhibit memorial to four students killed when their vehicle, driven by a drunk driver, crashed into a tree.


CCNY students arrested for protesting against military recruiters

Echoes of the '60s - a scuffle with protesters by Sheryl McCarthy also discusses this event. McCarthy asks, "whether the college was too heavy-handed in its treatment of students who are loudly critical of the government." The Socialist Worker Online quotes a member of the ISO (International Socialist Organization?) as saying, “The message being sent to students is clear--shut up and go to class. We should send them a very clear message: You messed with the wrong students. They want us to be silent. Now is the time to do the exact opposite. Now is the time to turn up the volume.”


Students can vote based on dorm address

Legal case regarding Boston U students finds they can vote based on the district their dorm room is located. Hoo-rah for voter's rights!

Wednesday, March 16, 2005


Sex acts on student TV investigated by UCSD

At the University of California San Diego some students think that the closed-circuit TV show they boadcast "was to provide entertainment and fight for students' free speech rights." Whereas some want "Koala Bear" off the air for porn, others are concerned about poor grammar on air. Lynn Burnstan, Director, UCSD-TV, stresses that it's not his station doing the nakkie-thing.


Fired Campus Radio 'Shock Jock' Sues College

Jason Antebi's suit filed against Occidental College indicates he is "a racist, criminal, drug pusher, advocate of violence, unethical student representative, and as a person responsible for an atmosphere of terror on campus." Antebi wants $10 million from his alma mater for violating his free speech rights when he was kicked off a campus radio show.

Tuesday, March 15, 2005


Frat Guys Do It In Greek

Frat parties of the past weren't animal house according to the writer of this article. Seems to me some brain cells got deleted.