Tuesday, January 30, 2007


Do Professors Try to Indoctrinate Students?

The research suggests that professors do not try to indoctrinate students. That's the good news. But as the Right Wing Academic Bill of Rights fails to gain momentum, I fear the rise of groups committed to a literal interpretation of the Bible in the classroom making similar claims regarding their religious views and hitching their wagon to the Academic Bill of Rights movement. Many literal creationists believe people like Kent Hovind, who is also known as Dr. Dino. These believers remind me of those throughout history that have made unfulfilled historical predictions, especially those like the Millerites that claimed to date the Second Coming. What's the difference you might ask? Just the direction of the prediction: Dating the Bible does not appear any more successful backward as it has forward. As professors are administratively and legally mandated to "respect" the beliefs of others, those with radical beliefs will gain power in the classroom and the courtroom.

Monday, January 29, 2007


Don't blog about your fake ID

John Hoff writes about his experiences as a Teaching Assistant. He frequently Googles his students to gain perspective on them. No kidding! This is great fun. It has also kept me out of trouble a time or two. It's even more fun to look students up at the local courthouse using the online criminal database and child support records database. The prissy, perfect hair, hot chick winds up having DUIs, being in drug court, and having filed a protection order against every former boyfriend. Some of the guys have had prison stays, are sexual predators, or bitch about single-mothers but they haven't paid their child support for their own kids. Ain't research great!

Sunday, January 28, 2007


Guilford College Asks Students Involved In Ethnic Assault To Move Off Campus

Guilford College Assault: Blaming the Real Bad Arabs, Again from CRIMES AND CORRUPTION OF THE NEW WORLD ORDER NEWS provides some analysis on the failure of Guilford College to suspend student athletes because the "Criminal charges are completely separate from the College judicial process."

Sunday, January 21, 2007


Summary of 99% of people you'll meet in College

Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter brings us this classification essay about the types of people one encounters in college. I've seen them all! But that is probably because no one is left out!!

Saturday, January 20, 2007


UNLV players linked to theft scheme

Six current athletes at UNLV have been suspended while police investigate thefts from the Abercrombie & Fitch store at Caesars Palace.

Saturday, January 06, 2007


Student arrested for flour in condoms settles suit

Bryn Mawr College Janet H. Lee has lots to learn after the "foolhardy act" of taking flour-filled condoms in her airline luggage. Granted, the cops and Lee are all messed up, and Lee gets $180,000 for the trauma from three weeks spent in the hoosgow. For those that have done Medical Research Trials for $$$$ that kind of pay would be awesome for a 3-week lock up. Lee claims she was a "naive, really stupid" freshman at the time. Um, yea. It would appear that Bryn Mawr College's claim that "our students encounter virtually every culture" went too far.


Former CSU football player to spend spring break in jail

Some Colorado State University football players got themselves in a jam when they used stolen debit cards to make false deposits and get money orders. The theft and forgery resulted in a variety of sentences - all of them easier than deserved.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007


Ole Miss officer's death points finger at 'culture of alcohol'

Having survived duty overseas, Ole Miss campus police office Robert Langley fell victim to the pickup truck driven by Ole Miss freshman Daniel Redd Cummings. Drunk and stoned, Cummings hit, drug, and killed Langley. Rather than spending 2007 in sororiety houses with hot southern chics, Cummings will be spending most of it in jail with Bubba. Thanks to New Recovery for pointing me toward this article.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007


Stricter fire codes urged in fraternity and sorority houses

Check where you live and sleep for sprinklers and other life-saving precautions. Push for change if needed. Keep in mind that it's not what you do, or even what your roommates do, but often friends of friends that cause problems.

Monday, January 01, 2007


27 Money Tips for College Students

For those still looking for a New Year's resolution here are 27 to pick and choose from - or use all 27 Money Tips for College Students from Get Rich Slowly. It's difficult to describe the grief my accumulated debt has caused. Like many, visions of a well-paying - nay, GREAT paying - job clouded my judgment. You know, a job that would instantly pay off all the student loans, credit cards, car loan, parents, yada - yada. It didn't happen, and it won't happen, and the debt lingers on. There is no magic bullet of debt removal, only the debt bullet between the eyes. Debt keeps one from spending a weekend away, keeps one working side jobs, keeps one from accepting greater responsibilities, and keeps one awake at night. Think of three more resolutions and make it a score and half.