Tuesday, December 12, 2006


Facebook: Community or Commodity?

Mad Melancholic Feminista has several interesting posts about her perception, as a faculty member, of student behavior. This post delves into the ethics of being Facebook Friends with former students. Another post, That Strange Species of Student Email Behavior, discusses how some faculty view student email: "the inappropriate tone that students often take when constructing a late night email," "the anger is the result of feeling like students are intruding on my non-work time," and "they use email to avoid having a real, face to face, conversation with you." Aspazia even discusses one fragile faculty ego that has instituted a "no email policy." The policy resulted in students showing "up in her office and she got back her precious time. But, more importantly, she stopped being so angry at her students." How does one say "poor baby" with an emoticon?

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