Monday, January 01, 2007


27 Money Tips for College Students

For those still looking for a New Year's resolution here are 27 to pick and choose from - or use all 27 Money Tips for College Students from Get Rich Slowly. It's difficult to describe the grief my accumulated debt has caused. Like many, visions of a well-paying - nay, GREAT paying - job clouded my judgment. You know, a job that would instantly pay off all the student loans, credit cards, car loan, parents, yada - yada. It didn't happen, and it won't happen, and the debt lingers on. There is no magic bullet of debt removal, only the debt bullet between the eyes. Debt keeps one from spending a weekend away, keeps one working side jobs, keeps one from accepting greater responsibilities, and keeps one awake at night. Think of three more resolutions and make it a score and half.

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