Tuesday, January 30, 2007


Do Professors Try to Indoctrinate Students?

The research suggests that professors do not try to indoctrinate students. That's the good news. But as the Right Wing Academic Bill of Rights fails to gain momentum, I fear the rise of groups committed to a literal interpretation of the Bible in the classroom making similar claims regarding their religious views and hitching their wagon to the Academic Bill of Rights movement. Many literal creationists believe people like Kent Hovind, who is also known as Dr. Dino. These believers remind me of those throughout history that have made unfulfilled historical predictions, especially those like the Millerites that claimed to date the Second Coming. What's the difference you might ask? Just the direction of the prediction: Dating the Bible does not appear any more successful backward as it has forward. As professors are administratively and legally mandated to "respect" the beliefs of others, those with radical beliefs will gain power in the classroom and the courtroom.

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