Sunday, February 11, 2007


Macalester College investigates "politically incorrect" party

Still more college students that don't get it! At Macalester College partiers wore nooses, black face, and KKK gowns. This comes at a time that CNN is reporting that the Klan is growing. At some point colleges will need to get serious about student behavior. The message needs to be changed to "College is where you want to get it right, not get it wrong." Diversity classes, ethics classes, and workplace interaction classes all need taught early and often!

Friday, February 09, 2007


60 University of Hartford busted for MIP

DUI Ends Banks' bid to play college football

Wednesday, February 07, 2007


Cheeky Prof denied tenure

Cheeky Prof is currently discussing being denied tenure. The tenure game has got to be one of the most frustrating experiences in higher education. Having grown up in a family with strong connections to higher education, I saw instructors get screwed over simply because a high level admin didn't like them, their ego, or even their hair. Tenure often has nothing to do with your accomplishments, rather, it is all about being liked...or someone finds out about your clandestine blog and you get fired for blogging!

Tuesday, February 06, 2007


Professor begins hunger strike after being denied tenure

James Sherley certainly has a fragile faculty ego. Sherley, a Black MIT professor, is on a hunger strike "for the reason that I wasn't tenured -- which is racism -- and I want this institution to admit that that is the problem and make plans to do something about it." It's far more likely the whiner isn't tenured for the very reason he is on a hunger strike: he's whacko and the admins know it. Normal people don't go on hunger strikes. One might consider that according to an interview Sherley did for the article Harvard's stem cell misstep, I'd guess Harvard has decided that Sherley's stance on issues related to his field are inconsistent with Harvard's stance. Duh! One waits until after they are tenured to speak out against a university.

Sunday, February 04, 2007


Yale in a lather over sex in showers

They are doing the boom-boom in the showers at Yale.


The Real Reason Faculty Dislike Laptops in the Classroom

It just goes to show one can't caress fragile faculty egos enough. First comes the insistence by professors that classrooms are behind the times: "We need wireless connections because every real college has them." Then when the fragile faculty get what they want, "The students aren't paying attention to me! Whaaaa!!!!" Last week I heard a student bellowing in the hall about being embarressed by an instructor that woke her during a lecture. The problem isn't the student that fell asleep and isn't bothering anyone, rather, the problem is the fragile egocentric instructor sending the message "Pay attention to  me!" Students have lots of reasons for falling asleep: medication, overnight jobs, travel, family emergencies, childrenm, etc. If a fragile faculty person doesn't want to go to work and lecture, the excuse is just a phone call excuse created by labor union negotiators for sick days, personal days, and family leave days. But, let a student try any of those excuses and they get told they will never be able to hold a job if they can't show up  every day. Ah, the Ivory Tower!    

Saturday, February 03, 2007


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Tuesday, January 30, 2007


Do Professors Try to Indoctrinate Students?

The research suggests that professors do not try to indoctrinate students. That's the good news. But as the Right Wing Academic Bill of Rights fails to gain momentum, I fear the rise of groups committed to a literal interpretation of the Bible in the classroom making similar claims regarding their religious views and hitching their wagon to the Academic Bill of Rights movement. Many literal creationists believe people like Kent Hovind, who is also known as Dr. Dino. These believers remind me of those throughout history that have made unfulfilled historical predictions, especially those like the Millerites that claimed to date the Second Coming. What's the difference you might ask? Just the direction of the prediction: Dating the Bible does not appear any more successful backward as it has forward. As professors are administratively and legally mandated to "respect" the beliefs of others, those with radical beliefs will gain power in the classroom and the courtroom.